Open API to access an expert's diary and receive reports

  • Platform independent access to an expert's diary
  • Access via web portal or A2A interface
  • Reports returned with Invoices & MedCo CSV
  • Improved market efficiency for MROs and Experts

Nephex Direct

Platform independent access to your expert's diaries

The fragmentation of the market caused by the MedCo system leaves a significant problem for the overall efficiency of getting appointments for claimants. It is no longer practical for experts to segment their diaries 30 or 40 ways. Nephex Direct allows any MRO or Instructing party to access the whole of an expert's availability maximising their ability to offer all their appointment to all providers.

Our direct web and A2A API allows not only improves the efficiency for the expert and the whole system, which provides huge benefits for claimants, it increases the efficiency, data integrity, security of the process by allowing all information to be transmitted via HTTPS web portals or web-services.

Enthusiastically orchestrate premier web services whereas turnkey relationships. Competently procrastinate goal-oriented catalysts for change through resource-leveling paradigms.

Assertively integrate resource sucking sources through resource maximizing channels. Seamlessly deliver virtual paradigms through web-enabled value. Progressively parallel task turnkey materials without effective leadership oriented catalysts for change through.

  • Windows/Mac/Linux Operating System.
  • Minimum 2g RAM.
  • JAVA 7 or JAVA 8.
  • 200 MB Hard Disk.
  • Java Smart Client Solution running over HTTPS.
  • runs on a Servoy Server  v 7.4.8 with a Postgres and MYSQL backend database.
  • Cloud hosted in an ISO27001 & ISO 22301 data centre
  • Virtualised Server Environment with onsite generators and fall-over clusters on separate premises.
  • Ticketed Support desk 8-5pm - You can email support on:
  • Out of hours support numbers available to customers. 365/24/7
  • Support Tel: 0330 335 6903
  • Our support service runs to an ITIL support 2011 protocol, with fully monitored SLAs and customer reports available