Nephos 100k

3rd May 2019

4pm - 6pm Avenue HQ, Leeds, LS1 2BH

Challenge Overview

Nephos 100k Startup Challenge is an initiative of Nephos Solutions, an established independent software vendor based in Headingley, Leeds.

We are interested in investing and supporting business propositions that have the potential to be part of our core portfolio of supported applications.

Nephos is offering the winner the opportunity to incubate and bring their business concept to market with the support and stability of a company that has created and supported successful SaaS applications and disruptive IT solutions over the last 9 years.

The successful pitch will be formed as a distinct corporate legal entity in which Nephos will take a 25-40% stake, to be negotiated based on the current stage of the business, potential and risk.

Due Date: Tuesday 23rd April, 5pm


Compatible Propositions

Applicants should have a business idea or concept that will have a significant component of required IT development to support its implementation. We are looking for IT requirements that would fit into the Nephos framework that we write and support. This best suits applications that require both desktop management or user interfaces, along with tablet or mobile versions of the application, or specific user, customer or supplier elements to the application. It also suits applications that require the implementation of complex business logic/workflow to rationalise a current process or function. The framework itself has a number of innovative building blocks which include:

  • Login, Navigation, Security, Search, User and Account Management.
  • Email (Case or entity based i.e ticketing type of system).
  • Two Way SMS.
  • Outsourced Mailing (Print, Envelope, Post).
  • Seamless accounting integration, including invoicing, payment, credits and allocation of cash (XERO).
  • Document Management, with drag and drop capabilities.
  • Online & Offline Mobile Applications.
  • DropBox and Box integrations.
  • Other API Integrations

These built in features and capabilities allow the development of Case Management, CRM, Workflow management systems and many other applications to be developed in a stable, secure and scalable manner.

Nephos would welcome discussing and demonstrating its capabilities with any applicant prior to their final application in order to ascertain a good fit between the proposition and our technology stack and skills base.

Winner's Package

Cash Investment

A £20'000 cash investment.


Office accommodation and facilities.

Developer Time

A minimum of 100 days of development time from our team of 5 developers.

Branding and Marketing

In-House Branding and marketing support.

Help Desk Support

An ITIL based help desk to support customers and users with any developed product.

Finance Support

A finance support function.

Mentoring and Support

Mentoring and support from our Directors (Business Planning, Sales, CTO , Corporate Finance)

Legal Set-up

Legal Set-up and support (provided by Mills and Reeve LLP).

Application Details

  • Applications must be submitted by 5pm Tuesday 23rd April. Applications should consist of a written or PowerPoint presentation of no more than 20 slides.
  • Proposals should outline the business concept, market opportunity, minimum viable product requirements, route to market and most importantly why you the founder(s) have the credentials to deliver your concept.
  • 4-6 Applications will be shortlisted, by the 26thApril, to be pitched to a panel of judges made up from Nephos Solutions and independent experts and advisors from the local digital community.

Applications must be submitted to

If you wish to arrange a preliminary call then please contact: David Pearce, Director on 07867977327

The Event

3rd May 2019
Closing Event, Leeds Digital Festival
4pm - 6pm

Pitches to be no longer than 10 minutes.
With 5 minutes for Q&A.

Avenue HQ

Nephos Solutions

Nephos Solutions is an established independent software vendor based in Headingley. We specialise in writing bespoke business solutions that disrupt traditional software applications and markets. We provide innovative solutions that leverage technology to its maximum capacity creating efficiency, automation, reduced operational costs and ultimately an increase in net profit margin.

The current team came together in 2010 and successfully exited one application to a major UK listed insurance software provider, and currently have SaaS applications that are sold to Legal Administration Support organisations, General Practitioners, UK Private Pilots, Flight Schools and Interior Designers.

Over the last 2 years the Nephos team have invested heavily in writing a business application development framework, which allows us to rapidly design, write and deploy sophisticated applications on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile, using modern responsive web layouts. This framework allows the company to build the 60%+ that all applications require without writing a single line of code.

This combines the usual separation of UI, Business Logic, and backend Database into a single drag and drop interface that facilitates the rapid development of graphically and feature rich applications using a single set of forms and business rules.

In addition to “In house” use of this framework, it is sold to other ISVs as a SAAS product for development of their own applications. Current customers include large corporates such as Honeywell.

Nephos Solutions is an ISO9001 and ISO27001 accredited organisation and run an ITIL compliant service/support desk.

Judging Panel


Dr David Pearce

CEO, Nephos Solutions

Peter Laithwaite

Sales and Marketing Director, Nephos Solutions
Stuart Clarke

Stuart Clarke

Digital Marketing Consultant and Director, Leeds Digital Festival

Paul Johnson

Partner and Head of Corporate Team, Mills & Reeve LLP, Leeds

Lizzie McCloy

Senior Manager, Enterprise at KPMG
Dr James Gupta2

Dr James Gupta

Co-Founder of Award winning Leeds digital start-up, Synap

Simon Palmer

Partner, Garbutt & Elliott

Nephos Solutions reserve the right to award the package to none or more than one of the pitches. Any award will be subject to due diligence and the completion of reasonable legal agreements.