Nephos Framework

Delivering Rapid, Robust, Responsive Solutions within a multi-platform web framework.

Intuitive GUI Design

Simple Intuitive Graphical Interface

  • At Nephos Solutions, we had already written a framework that helped us to develop and deploy Servoy Solutions from a Smart Client very rapidly.
  • When creating our NG Framework, we have implanted some popular Servoy Modules so that functionality isn’t lost from moving to the new NG client.
  • Creating web-components and implanting them all into a single framework is a massive job and could not be carried out by every ISV. An ISV should be focusing on the development of their own core products.
  • With our expertise, we can assist ISV’s to move their current applications onto the new NG Client with a clean, responsive and intuitive UI/UX

What can our Framework do for you?

  • It's quite easy to customise forms just by subclassing them.
  • We don’t hard code any class names, these are all stored as variable that can easily be changed.
  • We support ISV’s implementing extra functionality via consultancy agreements.
  • All the components are kept update.