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Leverage our ten-year expertise to create a solid software foundation for your business using out industry leading cloud based solutions.

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We work in an agile way, allowing us to adapt to changing business requirements, processes and client requests. We use online tools and agile methodologies during development phases, enabling us to keep the entire project team and our clients up-to-date with progress.


Welcome To Nephos Solutions

Here at Nephos Solutions, we are a development company who embrace the most up to date and integrated based technology. We are proud to have the largest team of Servoy developers in the United Kingdom.

We build business applications to be used on a desktop, a tablet or a phone, using web-based technology which we believe provide our customers the most efficient applications in the market, enabling them to reduce costs whilst still improving their services.

We can provide Database development, content management, custom CRMs and web applications to suite any business needs.

Products & Services

Nephex Medico-Legal

Nephex Medico-Legal is a SaaS case management system providing the most efficient tool for organisations delivering and procuring expert evidence and treatment. Combining a workflow engine, document management, communications, finance, report-writing and diary management modules its offers a fully customisable solution for its users.
Much more than just a CMS

Nephex MRO offers a great deal more than any standard case management system.

A recent independent time and motion study showed that a single operator working on GP RTA cases in an MRO was capable of processing over 3700 instruction per annum using the Nephex MRO system.

What makes Nephex MRO so efficient is its use of fully configurable letters, emails, SMS and workflow processes, which integrate with other leading cloud based services such as; Docmail, a fully outsourced mail printing, enveloping and postal service; XERO, a complete cloud based accounting system; ITAGG giving users 2 way SMS messaging between Claimants; Nephex Medical, allowing you to contract with experts and then have visibility on their diaries, send them instructions via web-services and receive reports via web-services.

Simple, but highly effective innovations, such as the auto-scanning of solicitors instruction letters to populate a new case file, not only improve speed and reduce cost, they vastly improve data integrity.

Innovations such as electronic patient questionnaires help save you and your instructing party costs by identifying cases that would otherwise fail at medical before the cost of the medical appointment.

Nephex does not just process simple GP cases. It has available workflows to manage complex consultant work, records acquisition, holiday sickness cases, physical and psychological rehabilitation and further investigations and treatment.

Nephex puts you in control. A full panel procurement, management and contracting process means that you will never instruct an expert unless they have a signed electronic contract between you and the expert. You can monitor SLA performance statistics, displayed on every search, and grade, make notes and monitor key dates through the specialist management module.

And Nephex costs nothing to install. All fees are paid on a case by case basis, allowing you to run your organisation with near Zero infrastructure cost and benefit from the best platform in the industry whether you process 1 case or 40,000.


Software Development


Nephos Framework

The Nephos Framework is our unique application development solution, which allows us to rapidly develop and deploy responsive cloud based solutions to Desktop, Tablet and Mobile platforms from a single code base.
Industry Leading Expert Software

Nephex Medical is an award winning, cloud hosted, Software as a Service solution for experts to manage their whole practice. It has 5 key components:

The Diary Module: Allowing you to manage your consulting locations and diary slots at each location, with the ability to publish your diary to contracted instructing parties through web-service links, online access and of course via telephone based requests. Our auto-scan instruction function also reduces case input time and improves data integrity.

Report Writing: The report writing module allows the ability to create free-text reports, written in your own language using a number of pre-defined templates. This allows you to easily create reports that are compliant with Part 35 of the CPR and also protocol C of the AMRO constitution.

Communications Module: Nephex Medical has an in-built email client and server, 2 Way SMS messaging, Editable letter templates and outsourced physical mail printing via Docmail.

Customer Management: The customer management module allows you to easily market your services, send, receive and sign contracts, and manage your customers from within the solution.

Finance: Create bespoke invoice templates and assign them to different customers. Invoice quickly and easily with each report. Create and manage credit control statements and link Nephex to Sage or XERO accounts.

MedCo CSV Export: Nephex Medical automatically produces MedCo compliant CSV export files from your reports.