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Take your medico-legal practice into the cloud and enjoy the benefits.

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The only case management choice for Medical Reporting Organisations.

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Platform Independant access to your expert’s diaries.

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Nephex leads the way with its 3rd Generation SaaS based medical reporting tool.

Nephos Solutions brings together a cumulative experience of over 25 years in developing Medico-Legal applications for both experts and MROs.

Dr David Pearce was the author one of the first commercial report-writing system for Medical Experts in the UK, which launched in 2003. Since that time he has been at the forefront of developing and deploying diary management and report-writing systems for medical experts and Case Management Systems for MROs.

He was joined in 2008 by Peter Laithwaite who jointly pioneered the development of the first multi-tenanted Software as a Service CMS for MROs, episource, and the 2nd generation report writing platform and diary, Corex

Joined by Nephos CTO Juan Santana in 2011, episource went on to become the highest volume and only SaaS based system in the market supporting at its peak in 2013, 39 MROs managing the sourcing of over 180,000 medical reports per annum. Corex has now produced over a million expert reports.

Work on the Nephex suite of software in November 2013 (some two years prior to the concept of MedCo). Nephex and its product suite now forms the most technologically advanced and integrated suite of tools for independent experts and MROs to provide medical evidence to Solicitors in the UK.

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